Stephanie Shirley chats with Rob about entrepreneurship and philanthropy. How she set up her businesses, where she gets inspiration from, what she likes to do and her plans for the future. Stephanie talks about women in business and she gives advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs. She also talks about her philanthropy action and of course, what being disruptive means to her.

Show Notes

[0:30] Introduction

[3:30] Story of why Stephanie is called Steve

[7:50] You weren’t born in this country right?

[9:45] Do you think your hardship gave you the entrepreneurial spirit?

[11:05] What was your first business?

[13:10] How did you go through the regulatory change?

[14:00] Having the best person for the job

[15:30] Being ahead of the time

[17:00] Was it hard for you to bring in external help

[17:30] Was there a point in your life where you realised you wanted to do philanthropy?

[20:15] What is your definition of philanthropy?

[23:30] How are you able to sustain your own lifestyle?

[25:35] What are your pleasures?

[29:00] Do you think entrepreneurs need to be generalists?

[30:40] Embracing failure

[31:30] Using philanthropy to make a difference in the world

[33:50] What is next?

[35:30] What drives you?

[36:40] Being disruptive

[38:20] Dyson

[38:55] What advice would you give to people to help them find their passion?

[41:30] What are you looking for when buying property?

[43:35] What does it take to be a dame?

[47:00] Who inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

[51:20] Do you think now is a great time to be an entrepreneur?

[53:20] If you could go back and do it again, would you do anything differently?


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