Rob talks about the law of attraction and how to master it. Why attraction without action is just a distraction. Why you need to visualise your goals and be specific with your plans. Look for the opportunities, take the opportunities and balance the “material” with the “spirituality”.

Show Notes

1. Attraction without action is merely a distraction.
2. But you do bring about what you think about.
3. Where focus goes, energy flows and results show.
4. Therefore, you do want to create vision boards and very specific written down
5. Yes, you do want to visualise in your mind as you go to bed, how you want
your life to be very specifically and clearly. You'll find that if you're not specific
you won't get what's fake, the more specific you are.
6. It's not just because it manifests in the ultimate Universe. It's because you're
programming your brain to go and spot the opportunities like you're putting
into SURFnet a destination. It's a bit like the GPS systems on an aeroplane.
You're programming a destination. But if you've ever researched that, they're
off course 90 odd percent of the time. So, what they're doing is they're
programming a final destination.
7. But they're constantly tweaking and moving and tweaking and moving, and
adjusting for the wind and everything else. So, that’s how you should be.
8. You shouldn’t turn down an opportunity, because it doesn't look exactly like
what you thought it would look like. If you do that, you know, I'm looking for
my ideal partner. I visualise my ideal partner. I know what my ideal partner
what's she looks like. I've manifested them in the ethereal Universe. Then all of
a sudden, you turn down all these amazing people and these amazing


relationships, because you're blind to the opportunity, because maybe, you're
being too specific.
9. Literally, anything that happens is a transfer of energy. So, you can create that
transfer of energy with your thinking and with your doing.
10. Visualise then get off your ass.
11. Plan, do.
12. Then when you do, tweak, review, repeat. Tweak, review, repeat.
13. Allow yourself some leeway such that when I visualise my 350Z with orange
leather interior, actually I didn't even know you get orange leather interior. I
just love orange. Then when I saw a Gun Metal Grey one for sale, it had part
orange and part leather interior, I didn't say well, I'm not having that Nissan
350Z, because that's not all orange when I manifest it in my Nissan 350Z. So, I
used to run with Mark every day. I used to stop pretending I was knackered,
looking at this, sorry, this Nissan GTR. I used to stop at this car and looked at it.
I used to take a breath and I used to visualise me having it in my mind. I didn't
set a time frame on it. I said it should happened, and it happens. I should had
set a time frame on it. I wanted it to be matte black. When I bought it, it was
actual shiny black, not matte black. Then I went and got it wrapped
professionally. So, I made it matte black.
14. So, it's like you visualise then you do it.
15. All right. Neither extreme will work. Working hard in the wrong area won't
work. Just doing manifestations and meditations won't work without actions
buttons, I think.

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