The ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ is regularly the UKs no.1 ranked business podcast, by Disruptive Entrepreneur Rob Moore, with subscribers in over 184 countries. This podcast is unique because Rob mixes interviews with titanic world disruptors, his own detailed critical analyses of all areas of entrepreneurship & his famous ‘Caffeine Cast’ inspiration-shot episodes.

Rob is known for being Disruptive. He has held 3 world records for public speaking & has authored 9 books including global best-seller ‘Life Leverage’. Rob founded & co-owns the UKs largest & most Disruptive property education business & own/manages over 550 properties with his partner.

If you want easy-background listening & to stay safe & comfortable, this podcast is not for you. But if you want to be disrupted, challenged to grow & innovate & you want to improve in all areas of business & life, subscribe to the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ now. “If you do’t risk anything, you risk everything”.

The ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ challenges you to start & scale your venture. It will help you endure the challenges, prove the haters wrong & break the boundaries of convention. This podcast will help you merge your passion & profession, make money & make a difference & will be your guide to building a meaningful, disruptive enterprise. Rob has helped 100,000s of entrepreneurs, & when you listen he can help you too. There are 2 episodes per week including interviews with 3 MBEs, worldwide human behaviour experts, billionaires, global celebrities, highest performing athletes & famous business experts.

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything”. Rob Moore