Rob explains why the only obstacle is you! Stop thinking about if it doesn’t work and start testing. You will never know if it works unless you try. What if you never try? Who will you not become and what legacy will you not leave?


Rob talks live about monetising your brand and leveraging it. How to create content that never goes out of date and use it in multiple platforms. How to start building your brand and why it is important to show your market consistently what your personality is.

On this special 200th episode, Rob talks live about fears in business, the importance of public speaking skills, how to run a successful podcast and he also answers live questions about his business and himself. How to deal with the fear of being judged and deal with haters and trolls. Why you need to see everything as a test, manage your emotions, be honest and build trust. Who needs to run a podcast, why to do it and how. Rob also talks about the challenges he had in the past, what success means to him, how being a dad affected his business and what to avoid when you start a business.

How to be positive but also wise, at the same time. Rob gives you 15 tips on being positive, balance all good and bad things and do what you love to do. Why you need to be sceptical, trust people and verify, see the upsides to the downsides, being prepared for the worst case scenario and do things that make you happy, but not all the time!

Rob gives you 10 ways to start and scale your business without any money. How to get experience from others, follow successful people and learn from them, encourage referrals and find partners. Creativity, resourcefulness, production, solutions and many more things that are more important than money in order to grow your business.

On this episode, Rob talks about being confident and how to achieve it. There are things that you are great at and you are confident! Be consistent with anything you do, hang around with people that lift you up and forgive yourself for any mistakes you made. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, list the things that are great about you and remember that “you are perfect as you are”.

Surround yourself with inspirational people, great leaders and experienced professionals. Why you need to invest on masterminds and how to do it. How to set up your own mastermind, do your research and join one that fits you, and how to choose among different types of masterminds.