How to be Lucky & Create More Opportunities

September 11, 2017

Do you believe in luck or that you create and take opportunities? Some would say luck is born, others that it is forged. Some would say some people get all the luck and they get none.
Others would say that luck is distributed relatively equally among most of us over a long period of time: that luck evens out in the end and we all get our fair share of good and bad luck.

Below are 13 ways (just to test your superstition) that you can be and get more lucky. But first, it would be too simplistic to say that we all have the same, equally distributed amount of luck. Many billions of people in the less developed world can’t help the poverty and war they were born into. They can’t help that they don’t have basic healthcare, clean water, schooling, access to internet and information. Some people were raised in concentration camps, some never knew their parents. Back to this in a moment.

But, if you compare yourself to people raised in a similar area, with the same amenities and luxuries, then you probably have a similar amount of good and bad fortune, assuming it was randomly distributed.
But what about opportunities (luck) that you forge, create, innovate or persist at? Back to this point soon, too
many people who it would seem have had bad luck, still drive and persist to greatness. Oprah was abused as a child. Abraham Lincoln had all sorts of jobs he was fired from, his 4 year old son died and he failed many times in congress. Yet both achieved greatness that others may call lucky, if you didn’t know their story. There’s usually some theme of struggle in most successful people, rather than the silver-spoon-all-the-luck that victims usually assume of the successful.

So let’s focus on you. first you were born. And that’s really lucky. The odds according to research are about 400 trillion to one. You lucked out right there! And you probably have had at least some family around you. You were probably raised in an insured, secure and healthy environment. You were probably schooled and cared for. And if you did’t have one or more of these, they you probably have a huge drive to succeed despite your lack of luck, like Oprah and Abraham Lincoln.

Sometimes having all the luck makes you entitled and unmotivated. Not you, of course, but some.
Just because you don’t think you’ve had a lot of luck, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. How do you know that you haven’t had many opportunities that you just haven’t seen? Have you ever done something and wished you did it earlier? Well you had the chance but you couldn’t see it. You may have been given an opportunity before but squandered it. If you keep squandering chances they are going to dry up and go to someone else. So don’t get ready, BE ready. All the luck those successful people are getting is them grabbing the opportunities they saw that perhaps you missed, or you weren’t ready for, or they earned, or will be yours soon enough.

So how do you become a lucky b*stard?

1. Test lots

Instead of planning for years and doing nothing (and taking ages), test fast and small. Test your pitches, products, massages, hobbies, passions on a small, low risk scale, If you love it and it works, scale it up. If you don’t you’ve risked and lost little other than a bit of time.

2. Forge opportunities

Be persistent. Don’t take no for an answer. Get yourself out there. Make things happen don’t wait for things to happen. Gary Player famously said “the more I practice the luckier I get”.

3. Build relationships

All opportunities come through other people. How other people talk about you matters. You can’t please everyone, but help people where you can, treat people well, keep all doors open and get out there and forge great relationships with great people. You only need one great recommendation from one big name and the doors open like dominoes.

4. Think you are lucky

You are what you think you are. “If you think you can. or you think you can’t, you’re right” said Henry Ford. Do you identify/call yourself lucky, or unlucky? You know those people who say “I get all the bad luck”. Yes, because they think they do. You literally attract the luck you think you have, or don;’t have, and filter out the evidence to back up your thoughts accordingly. Start calling yourself a lucky b*stard.

5. Contrast & gratitude

If you compare yourself to those with all the luck, you’ll always feel never enough. If you compared yourself to the old, worst version of you, or billions of people in the 3rd world, or child slaves or parents of murdered children, you’d feel full of luck and gratitude. Be grateful for what you’ve got and who you are, because you have everything to live for and others need you to be a beacon of light.

6. See the upside in the downside

All the luck you think you are missing out on has an equal upside. Can you see it? Are you even looking for it? Some missed opportunities were best missed, and some failed ones carry great lessons if you just took the time to see them. Nothing is all good or bad luck, everything has an equal upside and downside.

7. Give off good vibes

You get back what you give out. People will want a piece of you if you give out happy, positive, go-getting vibes. If you make the best of bad situations then people will want that to rub off on them. No one wants to hear you bitch, complain, justify or excuse. So don’t. Put a smile on your game face and when around people go on the charm offensive.

8. Don’t squander your chances

If you keep getting chances and you waste them, you won’t get more. Take the chances you get with speed, skill and gratitude. Then ask for more.

9. Become a trusted person

If people trust you, you will get the good gigs. Whether you call luck chance or opportunity, people or karma will only trust you with great fortunes if you are a trusted person. Do the right thing, even when it is hard, and especially when no one is watching,. Because someone is always watching.

10. Solve problems…

…and search for solutions. Problem solvers rule the world. There is never an absence of problems, so stop wishing them away and start solving the biggest, hardest most meaningful ones and you will have great authority and responsibility. Our evolution and survival depend on it.

11. Don’t take yourself too seriously

No one likes a smart arse. Don’t be so uptight, relax and enjoy yourself. Do what you love and love what you do. Everyone feels better around people who are comfortable with who they are and happy to laugh at themselves. Paradoxically, if you have this light hearted approach you will probably attract more opportunities than trying too hard.

12. Look at the problem a NEW way

The post it note was a failed glue. Penicillin grew overnight in petri dishes that hadn’t been cleaned and corn flakes were a result of failed cooking. Sometimes the thinking that created the problem can’t solve it. Be creative. Get help from others. Brainstorms ideas and be innovative. As Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Luck in general is very much like that. Sometimes you need a chance rather than banging your head against the same brick wall.

13. Affirmations

I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard. I am a lucky b*stard.

In summary. Some have had more apparent luck and it has not served to motivate them. Others have had virtually none and it has driven them to success. Some are raised with equal opportunities to others around them but forge even more, and others can’t see the luck staring them in the face. You’ll get a bit of good luck, and a bit of bad luck, but how you use it to forge opportunities is on you, and only you. Follow these 13 steps and you will be someone everyone else calls a lucky b*stard.

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