On this episode, Rob tells you what is the right way to ask for a salary raise and what are the mistakes people often do. What are the two ways that always work and why your boss will be happy to pay you more.

Rob celebrates his birthday with you and tells you why you need to celebrate more, be more happy and grateful. How to balance happiness and celebration with being disruptive and impatient as an entrepreneur. Why it is good to be nice to others, solve problems, watch and listen more and have some fun!

On this episode, Rob talks for the first time, about how he measures and tracks his net worth, why it is important to measure your net worth and he gives you a formula on how to do it. What to include, where to focus and how this process can help you focus on your assets, investments and increase your net worth.

A special episode, in which Rob shares his top 5 predictions about money. How decentralization of money will continue, why blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become more popular and how money will move faster and faster. Why big data will be quite important and how can change the way businesses operate and grow.

Nick English talks with Rob about his business and how he merged passion and profession. How he started his business, “Bremont Watches “, competition in the watch industry and why watches are miracles of engineering. What is a good watch to start investing and what “disruptive” means to him.

Being an entrepreneur means that you have challenges, problems, haters, and these moments of feeling depressed. Rob explains why this happens to everyone by comparing ourselves to others or setting unrealistic expectations. The truth is that there are upsides in every challenge, lessons that can make you stronger and while you have challenges you inspire others.