Rob gives you the 7 steps on how to be a successful young entrepreneur, or raise your children so as they can be successful in their lives as entrepreneurs. Why young people have advantages such as their energy, passion and low overheads. How they can take advantage of new technologies and trends, build their network and solve problems. The importance of reinvesting their time and money, and keep on learning and improving themselves.

Nicky Perfect talks about her career as a negotiator, the hardest, longest and weirdest negotiation she had! Why self-awareness is quite important for everyone, how to be prepared for anything we do and why communication skills are key in our private life or business. She explains why honest conversations help us as human beings and she also explains what the word “disruptive” means to her.

Rob explains why you should not reveal your price to someone, before he starts investing in you and see the benefits of what you offer. How to help your client discover the value of your service first, give them the contrast of what they give and what they get back, test them and only then you can reveal your price.

Simon Wilson explains how he manages to sneak on the biggest arenas and shows, sitting on the front row, and taking photos with celebrities! He talks about his lifestyle, how he can push himself out of his comfort zone, how travelling benefitted him and why everything is possible.

What people believe success is and what it really is. Why you need to be patient and keep on keeping on, in order to succeed. Believe in yourself, overcome challenges and accept that you maybe need to go backwards in order to move forward

On this episode, Rob tells you what is the right way to ask for a salary raise and what are the mistakes people often do. What are the two ways that always work and why your boss will be happy to pay you more.